5 practical tips to help you recover from addiction this new year

Addiction recovery is a lasting process that must be sustained. It’s not easy, but recovery is worth it to live a lifestyle where you don’t depend on drugs and alcohol to function or to deal with stressful life occurrences.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, going cold turkey might not be one of your more practical New Year’s resolutions. It’s also something that’s not recommended in the recovery space. 

1. Turn to your loved ones for help

Anyone around you that can encourage you, whether it’s your parents, siblings, co-workers, or a romantic partner counts. You will need love and motivation as you deal with your struggle. You might not be fully ready to go to inpatient rehab, so it is a good idea to surround yourself with people who will help hold you accountable in the new year and keep your best interests in mind. However, if you have those around you that judge you for developing the habit, it may be best to avoid them in the new year.

2. Make one small healthy change in your routine

One small change in your routine at a time could make the most significant difference for your health and wellness long-term. For example, many people also have long-term dietary and fitness goals in mind around the new year. Therefore, being mindful of how much alcohol you drink could help you get a head start on those goals. And as your mind and body slowly become less dependent on alcohol, if you have an addiction, you might even begin to realize that your addiction was the result of past trauma that led to emotional triggers.

3. Pinpoint your triggers

As you reflect on the past year, see if you can identify clear instances that led to you drinking or using drugs. If you can identify even one negative trigger that ties to your substance abuse, you will be able to do more healing work with the help of licensed therapists. Reflecting on what causes you to drink or use drugs is a good practical resolution to help carry you through the new year.

4. Forgive yourself

Forgiveness is tough for anyone to give and receive, particularly when it involves addiction. It needs understanding, compassion, and a willingness to accept past mistakes that might’ve come as a result of your addiction and move forward. This New Year, try to take some time to learn the power of forgiving yourself for your habit.

5. Read or watch inspirational materials

This resolution is ideal for those who love to read or watch optimistic stories. Whether it is a blockbuster film, trending TV series, or an award-winning book, there is a surplus of stirring content to consume in the new year. You don’t have to rush into it all at once, either.

For more information on taking positive steps toward overcoming addiction, talk to an addiction specialist via DiagnoStar Health.






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