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Health Insurance: 3 avoidable mistakes when choosing a care plan

Health insurance may be one of the most important bills you will offset annually or monthly, depending on your choice. The care plans you choose can affect you physically, mentally…
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Excess vaginal discharge: Causes and Prevention

Vaginal discharge is a natural fluid produced by glands near the vagina and cervix. It keeps the vagina clean and provides lubrication. A healthy vaginal discharge is clear or white…
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9 natural ways to keep your vagina clean and smelling good

A healthy vagina has a normal smell, discharge and a balanced pH level. A vagina will smell normal and have healthy bacteria when the pH is slightly acidic, that is,…
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How to handle a teletherapy session

Telehealth is now at the point where an entire teletherapy session is provided through a virtual platform. With this growing popularity, everyone needs to know what to expect at a teletherapy…
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Chronic Daily Headache: Why you may have headaches every day

Enduring a headache every day can be a great inconvenience. If you suffer from daily headaches, then you may be experiencing a debilitating disorder called Chronic Daily Headache. What is…
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intermittent -fasting

Is intermittent fasting safe for weight loss?

Intermittent fasting is a popular eating pattern among dieters, even though its long-term benefits remain unknown. It is a method of calorie restriction based on timing. But unlike other eating…
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