DiagnoStar Health and Famasi Africa to delight Nigerians with new partnership

DiagnoStar Health, Africa’s premier healthcare and wellness technology company, has partnered with the digital pharmacy platform, Famasi Africa, to improve our customers’ experiences with recurrent prescription management and telehealth support. DiagnoStar customers, with or without a registered pre-existing medical condition, will enjoy pharmaceutical management and swift fulfillment of all prescription orders via doorstep delivery to […]
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5 common health problems for older people

Numerous health problems plague older people. Although this is common knowledge, it is largely expected as their increasing age cannot be ignored. In parts of the world, for example, America, data suggests that once you make it to 65, you can live for an added 19.3 years, on average. These latter years find older persons managing […]
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8 important health issues to track in 2023

As the year 2023 gets underway, several health issues have been added to the watchlist of global watch bodies, particularly the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the issues in focus for global health include mental health ailments and what is now known as Long Covid. 8 important health issues to track in 2023 1. […]
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The 4 stages of addiction recovery simplified

Addiction recovery is a tough process for a condition that is classified as both a chronic disease and a mental illness. When you’re dealing with an addiction, feeling alone is often normal. Nonetheless, there are roughly 14.4% of Nigerians presently engaged in drug abuse. This means no person fighting addiction is going through it alone. The 4 […]
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