6 ways you can maintain weight loss on vacation

Weight loss can be difficult. It is even more so when you set a weight-loss goal before you go on vacation. How do you maintain that weight loss and withstand the temptations always present during the holiday season?

The next time you go on vacation and want to maintain weight loss, follow these 6 pieces of advice for success.

1. Don’t forget you’re on vacation

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re trying to maintain your weight loss on vacation. That means you’ve lost weight. Whether you’ve hit your goal or just made strides, reward yourself. It’s not an easy feat but you did it. Appreciate how hard you worked to get here, and don’t stress about maintaining your weight so much that you don’t enjoy your vacation.

2. Don’t set unrealistic goals

Just because you’re trying to maintain weight loss doesn’t mean you need to become an athlete while on vacation. Remember you’re on vacation. And that doesn’t mean you have to say no to every opportunity for dessert. You know yourself better than anyone. Don’t assume set unrealistic goals to maintain weight loss.

3. Keep moving and take the stairs

Don’t revert into a ”slug” and drag yourself around everywhere. Take the stairs! Forgo escalators and elevators; you need movement! Wake up early, and get some steps in to get the blood flowing. Start your day already feeling great about maintaining your weight.

4. Eat intermittently or front-load your meals

Rather than splurging on dessert, you could choose to go for a heavy, nutritious breakfast in the morning and have some light afternoon snacks instead of lunch. You can also front-load your meals early or do some intermittent fasting. Block out a time of day you know you’ll be most susceptible to calorie-heavy temptations and intermittently fast during that time. Not only will this help you maintain weight during vacation, but it could be a test for when vacation is over.

5. Small plates are better for maintaining weight

Eat what you want, but limit yourself to what looks like a proper portion size for one. If you’re loading your plate with enough food to feed a football team, maintaining that weight loss will be far from you.

6. Eat more fruit for weight loss

This tip is as straightforward as it sounds. Eat lots of fresh fruit on your vacation. Vegetables, too. But on vacation, fruit is a feasible alternative to ice cream when you need a sweet-tooth fix.

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