How employee satisfaction may increase with technology in health care

Technology is steadily reshaping many aspects of life as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Inclusively, it creates more stress-free ways to use health care and wellness benefits for your employee.

Employers that employ technology as a means of making employee access to health care simpler may discover that it increases staff satisfaction and retention. On deeper inquiry, there may be some cost-saving effect for both employees and the organization.

These tips are for employers looking for ways to support their employees’ well-being by making the most use of technology.

1. Prioritize virtual care

Many employees want the option of using telehealth or virtual care. Some plans are now built this way, making available visits with medical and wellness care providers and 24/7 access to a host of other professionals via a phone or computer.

For example, DiagnoStar’s care plans are virtual-first. They allow members to connect to a health and wellness expert conveniently via an internet-enabled device. Each care plan uses a care model that connects a user to in-person support virtually when they need to access care. Members can get access to medical, psychiatric, pharmaceutical, and wellness services through a single entry point and with a 16% reduction in annual payments.

2. Create access to fitness opportunities

Employees under the TeleHealth Plan, the most affordable care plan in DiagnoStar’s offerings, can gain access to discounted gym services. Giving employees the avenue to become healthier versions of themselves can be a win-win.

Other care plans (Impact Plan & AwayPlan) offer similar access to gyms. However, they include access to spas and other wellness programs. 

3. Embrace remote-patient monitoring

This advantage for employers may also be called digital therapeutics. It is fast becoming a convenient way to help people stay focused on their goals while engaging in virtual care services. 

This system generally integrates artificial intelligence and virtual care to help patients and their health teams make treatment decisions. Employers may get a report of their employees’ health and wellness status using this system especially if your organization requires regular employee health checks.

Employers are in a good position to promote emerging technologies. To help simplify the healthcare experience for their employees, support their well-being and potentially reduce costs for everyone. Visit to view our offerings.