Medical Financing FAQs

A short-term Naira loan has a 3-6 month repayment term with interest rates as low as 3%. There is no prepayment penalty for this loan type.
Of course. Members subscribed to our care plan for at least four months may pay about 3% monthly interest on the loan. Loan applicants who have provided a personal or payroll guarantee may also pay about 3% monthly interest.
Yes, there are. Loan applicants providing cash or other collateral (e.g. motor vehicle, land, other properties e.t.c) may pay as low as 2% monthly interest on loans.
Applicants may also repay the principal quarterly.
Late fee repayment will attract an added interest of 0.5% daily on the accumulated monthly interest and principal fee in addition to other charges accrued.

Why is it necessary to take a picture of myself on the app/website?
To avoid mistaken identity and for our medical providers to see who they are treating, we require patients to take a picture of themselves together with a photo ID.
While we require ordinary collateral and mandatory verifications before processing applications, loan facilities between 10,000NGN to 250,000NGN may not necessitate the provision of collateral.
You have at most 12 months to pay back loans and interests. But we prefer that you do not wait till the last minute to repay us as punctual payments boost your profile and avail you of higher loans.
You may have access to between 5,000 NGN and 5,000,000 NGN on our platform.