Bring diagnostics closer
to the people who need them.

Diagnostics are easier to schedule with digital reach.

The DiagnoStar White Label Solution

a secure electronic medical record infrastructure that automates your entire diagnostic management and administration system.

Hike your competitive

Provide customers with superlative benefits.

More collaborative

Reduce the possibility
of medical errors.

Competitive Advantage

Adopt or integrate our secure and reliable electronic medical record system infrastructure, which automates your entire diagnostics center management and administration system.

Superlative Benefits

Offer your customers diagnostic appointment bookings, electronic medical record-keeping, teleconsultation services with international medical and wellness providers, as well as prescription ordering and delivery.

Avoid Medical Errors

Empower your clients with access to their medical records and easy case reviews. Let them share these records with their providers prior to consultations for adequate diagnoses and second medical opinions.


Client Advantage

Your Advantage

Discover the Difference

Electronic Medical Records. Scheduled Diagnostics. Teleconsultation.